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We can create you a web site tailored to meet your requirements. The site can include 2D or 3D images, text, animation, or other media. We can get your site on any available domain name and provide the hosting to suit your expected traffic needs.

There are a range of packages you can choose from which have set pricing, Alternately you can customise one of the packages, or even have an advanced custom built site made for you. All our pricing is flexible which allows us to provide exaclty the site you are looking for. All prices include a one hour tutorial where our staff will sit with you and talk you through how to make good use of your new website management system.

Basic Package - £250
Your own domain name and content management system allows you to change or add content or pictures at any time. The site design can be selected from the available pre built themes. You can add your own logo, images and text at any time. Ideal for personal websites and small business use.
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Standard Package - £500
Like the basic package, but we will create your own custom design template so that your site is trully unique. We will consult with you to discuss how the website should look and operate. This package can be set up as either a content based website, blog, or an online shop.
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Gold Package - £950
In addition to the standard package features, we will set up visitor tracking systems, and site maps so that the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo will be able to understand and list your website easily. We will also create custom artowork for your website which can include your logo and branding for use in other media such as print advertising like flyers.
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All our website packages are 
flexible and can be modified in any way you need. If you need something that our range of web site packages do not cover, then just call us or visitus to discuss your options. Commonly requested extras include photography services, graphic design, custom modules, visitor tracking, SEO, and more.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential to any modern business with a web presence. When done well it can greatly improve your companies exposure to your target market. Many companies say they will 'submit your site to over 1000 search engines' for a fee, but this is virtually ineffective if your site is poorly optimised. SEO involves customising your site so that the search engines know exactly what your company does and what information your site contains. This helps raise your rankings in the search engines so that people searching for words or phrases related to your business will find your site. There are many methods of SEO used by other companies that use 'dirty tricks' such a 'link spamming', cloaking, or 'doorway pages'. The search engines like Google are constantly striving to reduce the effectiveness of these methods as they want their results to be fair and accurate. Before you purchase any sort of SEO from any company we recommend you read what Google has to say on the subject.

Webdesign coding php from Alsager ComputersWe really hate spam and spammed search results. We will only use methods that the search engine companies approve of. If you have visited a bad web site that employs these 'dirty tricks' we encourage you to report the site to Google and help them to develop algorithms to recognise and eliminate spammed search results.

At Alsager Computers we understand search engines and how they function in the dynamic environment of the internet. Our SEO techniques combined with marketing strategies will greatly improve your companies exposure and keep it that way. We only use search engine approved techniques and will work with you to get the best results we can. Contact us for details. 

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Basic Website Package

Basic Website Package

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